New Home Construction

We have been performing new home construction hvac services since 1956 and have provided quality installations numbering in the thousands over all these years. We were instrumental in many projects all over Northern Virginia from Little Rocky Run, South Run, South Run Oaks, Lake Manassas, Broadlands, Stone Ridge, Fairlakes, Fair Oaks, Cross Pointe not to mention the thousands of Custom Homes throughout the years and scattered all over as well.

We offer heating and air conditioning from start to finish and understand building science so it really assists in the service and replacement side of the business as well. We are family-owned and operated and treat each installation with the customization necessary to see that each house performs as designed. We continue to offer service long after the original installation and know everything that makes that system and design work.

Why choose Comfort Professionals?

  • 65 Years+ Strong
  • VA State Class A Contractor
  • ACCA Quality Assured New Homes Contractor
  • NVBIA Subcontractor Certificate of Excellence Award Winner
  • Van Metre Companies Customer Service Award Winner
  • BBB Member