Air Conditioning Services

A well-maintained central air conditioner will help families who might be considering their home’s resale value. Educated buyers will always take into account, HVAC systems that have been regularly serviced and are running at peak efficiency.

If you have a new or existing cooling system that hasn’t been serviced on a regular basis, contact us today to discuss a custom central air conditioning maintenance program that will keep your equipment running at its absolute best. Being proactive today will offer you peace of mind knowing that your home will be cool tomorrow.

Air Conditioning Installations

A/C Installations

The team at Comfort Professionals takes great pride in on-time installations, exceptional customer support, and cutting edge products that are backed by exceptional warranties and performance guarantees. Our certified technicians arrive with everything needed to get the job done, and their experience and training will guarantee a trouble-free installation.

Homeowners are offered peace of mind knowing their old system will be removed and their new air conditioner will be installed in a timely manner that will ensure limited downtime. Our reliable and trusted crew will treat your home as if it were their own, and your property will be kept safe and clean from start to finish.

If you’re involved in new construction, renovation, or your existing home has never had air conditioning, making the choice to install new equipment means creating an environment that will be comfortable all year round. While some might consider air conditioning to be an extravagant expense, it’s definitely not the case. Not only does air conditioning keep you comfortable on oppressive summer days, but it also helps to improve air quality, promotes a healthier living space, and increases the overall value of your home.

As systems age, downtime and emergency repairs become an inconvenience and an unfortunate expense for homeowners. When the cost and burden of maintaining an older air conditioner become too great, installing a new and more energy-efficient cooling system is the most practical solution. Comfort Professionals will help you plan your air conditioning installation project by starting with a risk-free assessment of your home’s cooling needs.

Air Conditioning Repairs

A/C Repairs

When you rely on air conditioning to keep your home cool and comfortable, unexpected breakdowns can be stressful and inconvenient. And when hot summer days reach record temperatures, those breakdowns can even pose a health risk to younger children and older adults.

Addressing minor air conditioner repairs will also keep your system running at peak efficiency, and will help to reduce energy costs and improve your indoor air quality. Neglected air condition repairs will breakdown much more frequently than one that is serviced on a regular basis.

If your air conditioner is making uncharacteristic noises, is not cooling effectively, or is suffering from intermittent shutdowns, we encourage you to schedule a service call in order to diagnose any potential problems. Whether it’s a blocked and aging filter or a simple part that needs replacement, being proactive will help to avoid emergency service calls or unnecessary downtime.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

A/C Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance on your central air conditioning system will greatly reduce the likelihood of equipment failure and costly emergency service calls. With a minimal investment in long-term service, homeowners are able to save money on unexpected repairs and early replacement.

An air conditioner that hasn’t been properly maintained will work harder to keep your living space comfortable. At some point, it may simply fail to keep your home cool at all. Laboring equipment will result in higher utility costs which will be compounded by emergency repairs. Being proactive about maintenance means an efficient system that won’t be a burden on you.

Heating Services

Has your heat pump or furnace reached the end of its service life? If you have any questions about the level of efficiency that your existing equipment is providing, contact us today to schedule a risk-free assessment of your current heating system.

Heating System Installations

Heating System Installations

While a reliable pump or furnace will have a long service life, most homeowners will be faced with needing to completely replace one at one time or another. Whether it’s an upgrade due to renovations or the repair costs for an aging system no longer make financial sense, Comfort Professionals offers complete residential heating installation services for homeowners in Northern Virginia.

Before selecting any new equipment, our trusted team of professionals will assess your current HVAC system, analyze the configuration of your home, and offer the best possible solution for your particular heating needs. Our careful planning will guarantee a system that heats your home efficiently and keeps your family comfortable all winter long.

Our full-service heat pump and furnace installation team will remove your old furnace and install your new equipment and will treat your home as if it were their own during the entire process. Once the project is completed, we’ll review your installation and make certain you’re comfortable with all of the features that your new furnace has to offer.

Heating System Repairs

Heating System Repairs

Whether your existing equipment is new or old, scheduled maintenance means higher efficiency and longer service life. Routine heating service will also reduce the chance of emergency calls in the dead of winter. Not only do these unfortunate emergencies result in costly repair bills, but homeowners also risk more serious problems such as water damage from burst and frozen plumbing.

Comfort Professionals creates unique maintenance plans for each customer, based on their particular needs. In order to extend the life of your heating system, and to ensure that your equipment is operating as efficiently as possible, we encourage you to contact us so that we can determine which maintenance plan will best fit your family’s needs.

Heating System Maintenance

Heating System Maintenance

When temperatures begin to drop, homeowners depend on an efficient and reliable heat source to keep their homes safe and comfortable. If you rely on a furnace or heat pump to keep your home warm, Comfort Professionals offers complete heat pump and furnace repair services for residents in Northern Virginia. To keep your system running smoothly and to extend the life of your equipment, we encourage customers to contact us if they suspect any problems.

While routine service and repairs will keep your heat pump running smoothly, our trusted technicians are always available for emergency service calls, any time of the day or night.

Indoor Air Quality Services

Very few homeowners are aware of the health risks that are associated with breathing contaminated indoor air. When overlooked, air quality issues may cause long-term health effects, and families should make every effort to make certain their heating and cooling systems are always performing at their best. We encourage customers to contact us today and schedule a risk-free assessment of their current heating, cooling and air-handling equipment. Whether it’s adopting a routine maintenance plan or considering new and more efficient systems, our indoor air quality service team is always available help keep your family safe and comfortable.

Evaluating your home's IAQ

Allergy Like Symptoms?

If someone in your household suffers from headaches, breathing difficulties, or allergy-like symptoms, improving the indoor air quality in your home may provide relief. While you can take some steps to improve your indoor air quality on your own, for the most comprehensive solutions you need the assistance of a professional HVAC contractor.

5 Things to Help Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

  1. Humidifiers
    Humidifiers help you control air moisture.
  2. Ventilators
    Ventilators bring fresh air into your home
  3. Air Filters
    Air Filters to clean the air before it circulates
  4. Ultraviolet Lamps
    Ultraviolet Lamps to eliminate germs and bacteria
  5. Carbon Monoxide Alarms
    Carbon Monoxide Alarms to measure and detect CO levels in your home

IAQ Components

Indoor Air Quality Components

Install HEPA Filters

Your HVAC system should already have filters in place, but they may not be fine enough to trap all of the pollen, dust mites, pet dander, mold spores, lead paint dust, viruses, and other potentially harmful particles that may be contaminating your home’s air. An HVAC contractor can recommend a better filter that will remove more of these particles. In most cases, the best choice is a HEPA filter, which is designed to capture 99 percent of particles at least 0.3 micrometers in diameter. HEPA filters are frequently used in hospitals and on airplanes to reduce the transmission of airborne diseases.

Clean & Repair Ductwork

Installing a filter won’t do much good if your ductwork is dirty or full of holes. If air can enter the ductwork through a hole, it can bypass the filter. And if your ductwork is full of dust and dirt, the freshly filtered air will just get re-contaminated as it circulates through your home. An HVAC technician can inspect, clean, and repair your ductwork to ensure that that this doesn’t happen.

UV Lights Installation

If you are especially concerned about bacteria and viruses in your home, you might consider having a UV light installed in your HVAC system to kill pathogens rather than relying on a filter to trap them. Another option is an electrified air cleaner or ionizer. Models that will fit in existing filter tracks inside your ductwork are available, and some models can kill 98 percent of bacteria and 80 percent of viruses. One interesting side benefit of electrified air cleaners is that they can reduce the amount of energy required to push air through your ducts because they put up less resistance than a traditional filter.

Improve Ventilation

Having proper ventilation is also very important for maintaining good indoor air quality. For example, if you have a clothes dryer in your home, make sure it vents to the outside. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that a dryer in a basement or garage doesn’t need ventilation. Air contaminants travel, so you don’t want them piling up in any part of your home, no matter how out-of-the-way it might seem. By ensuring that your dryer vents to the outside, you can not only eliminate floating lint and pet dander, you can also reduce humidity.

Check for Carbon Monoxide

If you have any sort of fuel-burning heating system in your home, whether it’s a wood-burning stove, a gas-fired furnace, or a fuel oil-powered boiler, you need to have this system checked out regularly by a qualified HVAC technician. As part of the inspection, the HVAC technician should perform a carbon monoxide test and also make sure that any carbon monoxide detectors you have are working properly. Carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless, and deadly so it is very important to take this airborne contaminant seriously.

Reduce Home Humidity

Many airborne contaminants, including dust mites and mold, thrive in humid conditions. In order to keep these allergens in check, you need to keep your indoor humidity levels between 30 and 50 percent. An HVAC contractor can help you do this by installing a dehumidifier or making sure your air conditioner is working properly. Note that using an air conditioner is better for allergy sufferers than simply opening a window because air conditioners can lower the amount of irritating pollen dust in your home as well.

Breathe The Difference

Our Lives are not static neither is the air in our homes. It is always changing. Whether caused by cold, flu, cooking, or cleaning, etc. at some point exposure to bad air will affect everyone in your home.

The Dust Free® Active Air purifier’s unique technologies target air quality problems at the source using environmentally-friendly oxidizers and ionization system to safely and effectively purify the air in your home.

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Dust Free® tested its PCO and Ionization technology against SARSCOV- 2 (Covid-19), MS-2 Bacteriophage, and Staphylococcus Epidermidis in three different lab settings and test results have shown the ability to successfully reduce all three pathogens.

Dust Free®’s ASHRAE 52.2 tunnel/chamber test utilized in the MS-2 Phage and Staph is a rigorous test protocol. Unlike the Dust Free® test protocol, the majority of duct mounted purifiers sold through the HVAC distribution channel are tested in a more controlled lab setting, in a small box, with little to no air movement other than a fan positioned to blow on the device being tested. The pathogen is put on a stainless steel coupon and the test is run for 24 hours. This protocol does not accurately reflect how the device will perform in a typical ducted HVAC system. For this reason, most manufacturers do not disclose their test protocol.

SARS-COV-2 (Covid-19) testing was conducted by MicroLife Labs in Milan, Italy in a hospital setting.

Masks worn by Covid-19 patients were put in a room for 2 hours with Dust Free®’s air purification technology and successfully removed the pathogen from the masks while masks in an untreated room showed no improvement in the same time span.

MS-2 Bacteriophage (MS-2 Phage) testing was conducted at LMS Labs in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

MS-2 Phage has been found to be 8-10 times more difficult to kill than Covid-19 by the National Center for Biotechnology Information. The pathogen was aerosolized into a 2000 cubic foot chamber connected to an ASHRAE 52.2 tunnel with the Dust Free® technology installed in the duct outside the chamber. The Dust Free® air purification technology showed a 15% reduction of the airborne pathogen every half hour.

Staphylococcus Epidermidis testing was conducted at Airmid Labs in Dublin, Ireland.

Staphylococcus Epidermidis has been identified as one of the most difficult bacteria to kill by National Center for Biotechnology Information. The pathogen was aerosolized into a 2000 cubic foot chamber connected to an ASHRAE 52.2 tunnel with the Dust Free® technology installed in the duct outside the chamber. The Dust Free® air purification technology showed a 15% reduction of the airborne pathogen every half hour.